DECREE 995/2000

CONSIDERING file Number 020-003060/2000 of the Registry of the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY and the Bill registered under number 25326, enacted by the NATIONAL CONGRESS on October 4, 2000, and WHEREAS:

The above mentioned Bill provides for integral protection of personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Article 43, third paragraph of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.

Article 29 of the Bill sets forth the creation of an Oversight Authority to take any and all necessary steps for compliance with purposes and provisions included in such Bill.

SubArticle 2 of such Article sets forth that the Oversight Authority shall serve independently and shall act as decentralized agency within the scope of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS.

SubArticle 3 of Article 29 of the Bill governs the conduct and management of such Oversight Authority.

The creation of the Oversight Authority as a decentralized agency shall imply, as any creation of a organization structure of its kind, an increase of expenditure for the NATIONAL STATE.

That this Act does not provide for financing of the Oversight Authority and Act Number 25237: National Government Budget for fiscal year 2000 and National Budget Act for fiscal year 2001 do not contain any credit allocations therefor.

That laws in force regulating Public Financial Management provide that any spending increase shall provide for its respective financing.

That, notwithstanding the above, the creation of an oversight authority is deemed relevant, but such competent authority shall comply with organizational characteristics set forth by the EXECUTIVE BRANCH as authorized by Article 45 of this Bill.

That Article 47 of the Bill sets forth that databases delivering credit information services shall delete or, if applicable, not include, any data referring to non-compliance or default in payment of an obligation, if such obligation has been settled on the effective date of this Act.

That this decision would imply the loss of historical information related to credit compliance of many system debtors, which could produce a cost increase in bank credit operations originated in the higher risk caused by uncertainty.

That, according to the reasons above, we must observe Article 29, subArticles 2 and 3 and Article 47 of the Bill registered under the Number 25,326.

That the proposed measure does not alter the spirit or consistency of the Bill enacted by the NATIONAL CONGRESS.

That the GENERAL OFFICE OF LEGAL AFFAIRS of the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY has been involved as applicable.

That the EXECUTIVE BRANCH is empowered to enact this Bill by virtue of the provisions of Article 80 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.



Article 1: Article 29, subArticles 2 and 3 of the Bill registered under the Number 25326 be observed

Article 2: Article 47 of Bill registered under the Number 25326 be observed.

Article 3: With the exceptions set forth in the precedent Articles, Bill registered under the Number 25326 be complied with and enacted as National Act.

Article 4: The NATIONAL CONGRESS be notified.

Article 5: The National Official of Official Registry be notified. This Bill be published and filed.